Crusio Tea

is an importer and supplier of fresh loose tea leaves. Our teabuyer Kiona sources this tea by herself from all the corners in the world, during or right after harvest. To make great tea every day we have to cooperate. Teafarmers, teabuyers, teamakers and teaconsumers.

Our Goal

Delicious tea. Doing direct-trade business and looking together for the best quality for shops and homes. We have a tea master in every country where we buy tea leaves, for instance Japan, China, Nepal and Sri Lanka. By spending time together we can understand each other’s needs, what we are looking for in tea, what flavours need to be reached, and where we can find them. Intro foto siteAgain and again, every season. Why? Because every new harvest means new flavour profiles and thus a new assortment for Crusio Tea! So the quest literally never stops. Kiona visits the planters on their plantations, examines their methods and she tastes freshly harvested tea. If the tea tastes good, looks attractive, and conforms to our expectations then we buy the fresh leaves directly from him and the tea is flown directly to the Netherlands. Here Kiona makes a recipe for each tea and describes the flavour, so that everyone can taste what she has experienced at the plantation!

Due to an assortment that varies with the harvest, we happily keep everyone informed of the current tea inventory at